Didara Nurmanova, Ph.D.

Expert on political risk analysis and Russia and post-Soviet Eurasia, researcher, published author in the political psychology of Vladimir Putin, digital creator, and entrepreneur.  

Author of the online course “20th Century Russia: History of the Empire” that transforms you into a Russia expert in just a few weeks. 



On my channel I share my expertise and provide invaluable content on geopolitics, global markets, and Russia and post-Soviet region. 


Do you want to navigate volatile markets as a seasoned professional but geopolitical risk is holding you back? Markets today are primarily driven by monetary policy and geopolitics. With over 16 years of investment experience, I will help you manage political risk and become a successful investor. Book your first trial session free of charge by emailing me today.

Online Course 
“20th Century Russia: History of the Empire” 

Become a Russia expert in a few weeks and propel your career even if you are starting with zero background on the subject. My online course on the history of Russia in the twentieth century covers the core aspects of Russia’s politics, economy, and society to provide you with a critical and wholesome understanding of Russia today. After completing the course, you will be able to analyze and navigate modern-day Russia as a trained professional.


My work on the political psychology of Vladimir Putin has been published in Operational Code Analysis and Foreign Policy Roles: Crossing Simon’s Bridge (New York: Routledge 2021).


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